VIMTO Cordial – Profound Tradition and Legacy

VIMTO was first invented in 1908 by Mr. John Noel Nichols who achieved the distinctive and refreshing flavor by combining a mixture of berries, herbs and spices. Mr. Nichols started producing and selling the new product in the city of Manchester in the United Kingdom, and then spread the product with the expansion of trade and sailors from China to India, Middle East and North Africa (MENA).In 1928, the Aujan family introduced VIMTO to the Gulf region and the product entered the markets of Bahrain, Kuwait, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, United Arab Emirates and Oman.

One generation after another the Aujan and Nichols families continued developing the delicious and refreshing drink to serve the markets of the Gulf. In 1978 VIMTO started to be produced in Aujan’s factory in Dammam (KSA) , one of the first beverage production plants in the region.

And one consumer generation over another VIMTO Cordial became synonymous with Ramadan, a thirst quenching iftar ritual associated with providing a rewarding boost soothing the body after a day of fasting. VIMTO has become the unique and irreplaceable drink of choice on the iftar table and it is prepared and consumed by families across all generations.

Multi -Color Corporation feels honored to have been awarded with the task to develop the new generation of VIMTO Cordial Labels.

Aujan Industries’ objective was to respect the tradition while remaining innovative and creating a unique package . MCC accomplished this by adding tactile elements, tamper proof features and an overall enhancement of the labels.

Rasha Sakr, Marketing Manager VIMTO describes the enhancement of the packaging and the importance of VIMTO in the month of Ramadan and beyond:

“This year, VIMTO celebrates its 92nd Ramadan season, marking the centennial countdown and VIMTO has decided to upgrade its Cordial packaging with a higher quality, holographic neck label seal and embossed front and back labels to have a premium, competitive edge , in line with VIMTO’s strong brand equity and image.

VIMTO is a profound family tradition and legacy routed in the Khaleeji heritage for nearly a century, carving a strong bond with consumers across different ages grew to become Ramadan’s symbol of ‘Sweet Togetherness’ characterised by its symbolic deep red colour and the VIMTO cloud created when it infuses with water, which is prepared and shared, not just opened. Every mother prepares her VIMTO Cordial in a different and unique way. In fact, it is this preparation experience that makes VIMTO Cordial so unique and irreplaceable as opposed to any other Ramadan beverage. More than 25 million bottles of VIMTO Cordial were sold during Ramadan last year. GCC markets such as KSA, Kuwait, UAE and Oman, in addition to Iraq are among the biggest in the world.”