Mumm Art Edition 2019

This year, Mumm launched their fifth Art Edition visualised by renowned German photographer Kristian Schuller. The sparkling wine brand opted to use photographs for the basis of the label design on this limited edition.

Renowned for his fashion photography, Schuller used the elegance and detail of three dresses to transform the labels into pieces of art. The dress materials were selected to accentuate the personality of each of the three flavours – Mumm Dry, Mumm Extra Dry and Mumm Rosé Dry. With movement, the fabric came to life allowing 3627 images to be captured and transformed into three elaborate label designs.

Mumm have worked with MCC Germany on previous special editions and knew they could rely on the team for their latest creative project. With the benefits of 360°graphics, Shrink Sleeve labelling offered Mumm the perfect canvas to showcase the artistry of fashion photography.

Shrink Sleeve is a highly valuable labeling method proven to establish connections with consumers at the point of purchase and, most importantly, to drive sales. MCC’s team in Germany are industry experts in Shrink Sleeve technology. Key Account Manager Marc Scherer led the project alongside his team of pre-press, R&D, technical and printing specialists.

“At MCC we are engaged with the project from concept to completion – via meetings, conference calls and press approvals we make sure we’re always on hand for the customer.” Scherer explains

“When designing a label for shrink technology several factors need to be considered: application, storage, container, dimensions, coating and distortion. We worked with several departments at Mumm including purchasing, marketing, technical and even the art director in order to deliver exactly what was envisaged for the brand.”

Dressed from head to toe in three stylish designs, the bottles exude elegance and grace and create excitement on the shelf. Watch the video to see how the labels were made. Click here if you’d like to recieve Shrink Sleeve label samples.