FLYING FISH #AddSomeFlavour

SAB brand Flying Fish is a flavoured beer, first of its kind in South Africa. Aimed at a youthful and trendy audience the brand appeals to those looking to try something different.

Their hashtag #addsomeflavour applies not only to the brew but also to their whole brand philosophy of making life a bit more interesting:

Here’s to new experiences. To being spontaneous. To adding flavour to the mundane. Chill with us for a fun twist to the ordinary. #AddSomeFlavour

Naturally, their brand team wanted to carry this through to their packaging and were looking for something new to enhance the existing pack. Multi-color’s innovative portfolio included the perfect option – photochromic labels. Printed at the MCC facility in Johannesburg, the metalised paper label encompasses a sunburst design which changes colour in the sunshine. This adds another dimension to the experience of drinking the zesty beer.

Alongside the launch of the new design, at the end of the year SAB hosted a one of a kind #FlavourOdyssey experience – a combination of music, food, art and fashion.

“The Flavour Odyssey experience was inspired by our innovative new pack design which is sun activated and changes colour in the sun. With this unique event, we are taking experiences to an entirely new level” Said Flying Fish Brand Manager Kerishta Siveraj.