Fanta stick with Multi-Color for their promotional campaign

Fanta is the second oldest brand of The Coca Cola Company and biggest multiflavour brand in the world.

Multi-Color has enjoyed working with Coca-Cola on various exciting projects including the Coca-Cola Bow and the Fanta Coloring Label. The latest campaign, created by Coca-Cola Hungary, encompasses printing and applying pressure sensitive labels onto roll-fed labels.  Targeting a youthful audience, the stickers are a fun range of emoji style images that the consumer can remove and collect.

The MCC team in Wales and Germany worked together to make this project a success. The stickers are a 2-Ply Peel & Reveal Pressure Sensitive Label printed at MCC Wales. They are then placed underneath a reel fed 1,75L, white OPP film, Gravure printed label at MCC Germany. Here, the stickers are applied onto inside of the OPP label and successfully delivered to Coca-Cola Hellenic, Hungary.

“It was a really great opportunity for us to succeed in a marketing project that required a unique labeling process. The task was not easy, but through the good cooperation between MCC and CCHBC Hungary we were able to initiate the Fanta sticker under the label promotion in time without any problem. Thank you for the great experience.”  David Horvath, Coca-Cola HBC Hungary Ltd. Procurement Management Trainee

This promotion is made under license from MCS who patented the sticker behind the label solution.