Echo Falls – wine for any Occasion

Echo Falls launches limited edition celebratory labels

Launched in 2003, Echo falls is the second largest wine brand in the UK. The fun and sociable brand aimed at the 30 plus female consumer has a range of varietal wine, fruit fusions, vodka and 0% sparkling.

This month, Echo Falls have launched a limited edition pack across their top four wine variants – Chardonnay, Merlot, White Zinfandel and Pinot Grigio. 43 special edition labels adorn the wine bottles featuring greetings such as “I love you” and “It’s Your Birthday”. However, it’s not just about celebrating big occasions but everyday ones too, you’ll find fun messages such as End of Work week “Fri-Yay” and “Movie Night” so the consumer can celebrate their special reason for sharing a bottle.

“Echo Falls is a fun, spontaneous brand that doesn’t take itself too seriously. These occasion driven labels displayed on our top 4 still wines, show the relaxed, spontaneous spirit of the brand,” commented David White, marketing director at Accolade Wines.

The initial concept was developed by the team at Multi-Color Wales for Accolade Wines’ annual Innovation Forum. Having worked with Accolade for over 6 years, Technical Manager Matt Rowley identified an opportunity to add a touch of personalisation to the Echo Falls Brand by introducing variable labels with celebratory messages. The Accolade team loved the idea and took it to a new level combining special greetings with fun and fashionable phrases to create a range of 43 label designs.

The multiple designs were not randomly generated patterns but unique, individual designs created by the Accolade packaging team and MCC’s design house. The designs were collated and output was through MCC’s new digital Hybrid press. Rowley comments “This press enables us to produce multiple unique labels using variable data technology, differing varnish effects (matte, gloss and tactility) in one pass, rather than the standard 1 label design as used previously on conventional presses.”

The result is a fun, unique and vibrant promotion that reaffirms the brand’s personality – “your best friend for any occasion!”

We are confident that the Echo Falls occasion labels will drive additional consumer purchase, both planned and impulse’’ said White. “They create a talking point in store and at home, helping to spread the popularity of Echo Falls.”

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