With the rise of craft beer, brewers are looking to differentiate their packaging in order to stand out from the crowd. Multi-Color offers an alternative method for the decoration of aluminium cans, helping the brand to tell their story and develop their identity.

Pressure sensitive or shrink sleeve can labels are a cost effective option to decorate aluminium cans. The labels offer the perfect canvas for promotions or smaller product runs, with no minimum order quantity and improved turnaround time. They also offer the possibility for design embellishments such as tactility, foil and matte-gloss finish.

Based in the heart of the English Lake District, Hawkshead Brewery are brewers of bold, innovative beers. Hawkshead have recognised the benefits of the pressure sensitive label for their collection of 8 lagers and ales. Will Fletcher, Hawkshead Brand Consultant comments.

“Entering a new era for the Hawkshead brand it was essential to create a range of cans that not only reflected the individuality of our beers, but that also offered a sense of consistency and quality that would help to bring new craft beer consumers along for the ride. With ranges hitting supermarket shelves across the country, a strong partnership with a quality printer was key – MCC have proved their worth time and time again – with adaptable physical proofing, quality output and all done on time and within budget.”

Multi-Color has also worked with CHE Proximity, one of Australia’s leading advertising agencies to produce labels for is a recruitment initiative “Intern beer”. The idea is simple – young adults love beer. Intern beer will be available in places where the next great creative minds socialise – bars, universities, festivals, workshops. The only twist is you have to do some work. On each can is a brief for the stars of the future to solve. The best ideas submitted to CHE Proximity will land themselves an internship. Where they can drink more intern beer and also get paid.


Jennifer Jones
Multi-Color Corporation