Accolade honour Multi-Color with 2 Supplier Awards at their annual event

Multi-Color Corporation are thrilled to have received Accolade Wines’ Dry Goods Supplier of the Year award for an unprecedented 3rd time in a row.

Accolade Wines complemented the team in Wales on how they continue to improve on all key elements, standing out particularly in areas such as ease of business.

Donna Ross, Head of Operations Planning at Accolade comments: “When we stood back to review the year, it was amazing how much had been accomplished! A massive congratulations to all the winners and nominees and all our suppliers!”

In addition, the team in Cwmbran received the Innovation of the year award for the Echo Falls Love Island Labels. Love Island is a high profile promotion involving one of the UK’s most popular TV shows. The design proposal was to incorporate the addition of a heart motif into the foiling of the label. The aim was to avoid a standard, flat foil and create a unique pattern into the foil.

This Pressure Sensitive label is the first to use the Uni-fraction foiling technique in rotary form. The design uses a combination of flexo, litho and hot stamp Uni-fraction foiling.  To achieve the design brief we had to pull together the combined resources of Drinkworks – designers, Falcontec – foiling supplier and MCC Wales’ production & technical departments.

The result is a glitzy, eye catching package that brings together both the Love Island and Echo Falls Brands, appealing to their target audience of 18-24 year olds.